We now offer registration services for .com, .net, .org, .ca, and .co.uk domain names.


  • .com/net/org - USD$20 or CAD$26 per year
  • .ca - USD$20 or CAD$26 per year
  • .co.uk - USD$20 or CAD$26 per year

Prices above are for normal domain creation and normal renewals (before expiration and while under normal post-expiration renewable status). SHOULD A DOMAIN NAME NEED TO BE RECOVERED OR RESTORED DURING ANY APPLICABLE POST-EXPIRY REDEMPTION GRACE PERIOD, THERE WILL BE AN ADDITIONAL FEE OF USD$240 or CAD$320 PER DOMAIN NAME.

Canadian individuals and businesses must pay 13% HST (R878244391).

All payments must be made in advance. Please call us to discuss payment methods.

ICANN-mandated renewal reminders are sent via email to registrants 30 days prior and 5 days prior to expiry of all gTLD domain names. An additional email is sent 3 days after expiry.

Also, please FAX us the signed legal statement showing that you have read the terms and conditions and dispute resolution policies of each top level domain.

Registrants' Benefits and Responsibilities

Registrant Educational Materials


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